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Definition and Examples of Symbolic Action

Definition and Examples of Symbolic Action A term utilized by twentieth century rhetorician Kenneth Burke to allude when all is said in done to frameworks of correspondence that depend on images. Emblematic Action According to Burke In Permanence and Change (1935), Burke recognizes human language as emblematic activity from the semantic practices of nonhuman species. In Language as Symbolic Action (1966), Burke expresses that all language is inalienably powerful in light of the fact that emblematic demonstrations accomplish something just as state something. Books, for example, Permanence and Change (1935) and Attitudes Toward History (1937) investigate emblematic activity in such zones as enchantment, custom, history, and religion, while A Grammar of Motives (1945) and A Rhetoric of Motives work out what Burke calls the dramatistic premise of all representative activity. (Charles L. ONeill, Kenneth Burke. Reference book of the Essay, ed. by Tracy Chevalier. Fitzroy Dearborn, 1997) Language and Symbolic Action Language is a types of activity, representative actionand its temperament is with the end goal that it tends to be utilized as a device. . . .I characterize writing as a type of emblematic activity, embraced for its own sake.(Kenneth Burke, Language as Symbolic Action. Univ. of California Press, 1966)To fathom representative activity, [Kenneth] Burke persuasively contrasts it and reasonable activity. The hacking down of a tree is a viable demonstration though the expounding on the cleaving of a tree is an emblematic workmanship. The inward response to a circumstance is a disposition, and the externalization of that mentality is a representative activity. Images can be utilized for viable purposes or for sheer euphoria. For example, we may utilize images to gain a living or in light of the fact that we like to practice our capacity to utilize them. Anyway rationally particular the two are, they frequently overlap.(Robert L. Heath, Realism and Relativism: A Perspective on Kenneth Burke . Mercer Univ. Press, 1986)The absence of an away from of emblematic activity in The Philosophy of Literary Form [Kenneth Burke, 1941] isn't the shortcoming some may envision it to be, for the possibility of representative activity is only a starting point. Burke is basically recognizing expansive classes of human experience, with the goal of binding his conversation to the elements of activity in language. Burke is progressively intrigued by how we make language into a vital or adapted answer (that is, in how representative activity works) than in characterizing emblematic activity in any case. (Ross Wolin, The Rhetorical Imagination of Kenneth Burke. Univ. of South Carolina Press, 2001) Various Meanings The end to be drawn from setting different meanings of representative activity one next to the other is that [Kenneth] Burke doesn't mean something very similar each time he utilizes the term. . . . An assessment of the numerous employments of the term uncovers that it has three separate yet interrelated implications . . .: semantic, delegate, and laxative redemptive. The first incorporates all verbal activity; the second covers all demonstrations which are delegate pictures of the fundamental self; and the third incorporates all demonstrations with a laxative redemptive capacity. Unmistakably, representative activity incorporates significantly more than verse; and obviously, nearly anything from the full scope of human activity could be an emblematic demonstration in at least one of the faculties given previously. . . .Burkes practically narrow minded statement that every single idyllic act are consistently representative acts in each of the three implications is one of the one of a kind highlights of his framework. His contention is that however any demonstration might be emblematic in at least one different ways, all sonnets are consistently delegate, laxative redemptive acts . This implies each sonnet is simply the genuine picture of the which made it, and that each sonnet plays out a laxative redemptive capacity for oneself. (William H. Rueckert, Kenneth Burke and the Drama of Human Relations, second ed. Univ. of California Press, 1982)

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Your views stand out among others i have read and here is why Personal Statement

Your perspectives stand apart among others I have perused and here is the reason - Personal Statement Example Nonetheless, American culture watched new skylines of life and learned new exercises. Individuals feared the loss of work and the hardships that would go with the monetary catastrophe. Despondency was a monetary pulverization, however it changed the social point of view altogether. For example, ladies think that its simpler to land low-wage positions that opens new open doors for them in spite of the fact that it was an unmistakable deviation from perfect sex jobs in a family around then. Ranchers couldn't bear the substantial weights of banks credits and saw the ware costs fall pointedly. The occasion constrained mass horticultural based populace to move in urban settlements to get a new line of work. By the presentation of CCC, NWA, and WPA, individuals begin feeling that their administration is really working for them. The legislature had more control and an expanded effect on people’s life and that waits on till today. Exactly when the American economy was reshaping itself and recovering from the downturn, United States had to go into the WWII. Incidentally, the war helped the monetary movement and decreased work that had flooded to in excess of 11 percent. Be that as it may, business analysts accept that the genuine flourishing began not before the war finished. What disturbs me more than anything else is the idea that opportunity comes through government. In a perfect world, government ought to shield its residents from interior or outer vicious and dangerous components. Should government be permitted to begin a war?

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November Im on the train home to Philadelphia. Currently: four women run my lifeSZA, Solange Knowles, Sappho, my mother. Schoolwork saturated the first two weeks of November, and then last week was suddenly too free. Now its Thanksgiving break. Next week will be absurdly busy, and I am not looking forward to it. A few things that happened in November: I spent a day giving math problems to seventh-grade girls. A friend from high school visited me. I boarded a plane to New York, spent a day interviewing there, and then almost missed my flight back to Boston. I grew restless and finished two books. I grew restless and bought two more. I spent way too much time with my head buried in booksfrigid weather, 4:30 PM sunset1, overlong reading list; it was bound to happen. Here are some snippets from the past month. (Ive kind of been following my own schedule and not doing many student-life related things because of the time constraints imposed by the rest of my life. Welp.) Sappho At some point in the semester, it occurred to me that I owe a lot to ancient Greece, to Pythagoras and Euclid and Zeno and Ptolemy. They are people who made math fundamental and rigorous. I imagined Id read some classical philosophy this semester. Instead, I am reading a 2007 book2 that tells me to distrust Platonic forms and simplified models. I am reading Sappho3 instead of Socrates. So much for philosophy. books/making time to read/coping with life I read a lot before coming to MIT but stopped during my freshman year, mostly because I was trying to throw myself into being A Well-Adjusted College Student. I was doing standard freshman things and standard rebellious thingsmaking friends, baking spontaneously, going sledding, walking around Boston aimlessly with friends, dying my hair pink, dancing at parties, disowning parts of my previous self. It was a lot of fun, but in April I started to miss all the dimensions of my personality Id thrown out in order to follow new friends around. I felt, in addition, that we were constantly doing things to be sensational. It was a lot of fun, but we were not really getting to know each other. I spent my freshman spring unhappily, largely by my own doing. I felt disconnected from student life. I spent too much time completing perfect schoolwork. The social dynamics of my living group stressed me out, and I was unhappy that I read only textbooks and wrote only proofs. So I spent the summer running around Hong Kong and slowly getting back into the swing of reading and writing. I came back to MIT refreshed. I moved to a more diverse place. And I made a commitment with one of my friendseach week, we meet for an hour and do nothing but read. Usually we end up staying for much longer than an hour. In a similar way, I committed to working out: gym, twice a week, with a friend. This is, apparently, the most effective way for me to get things doneby making commitments with other people. Its much easier for me to justify skipping a workout when all thats at stake is my long-term health (clearly not that important), but when you add a friend whos at the gym waiting for mewell, I cant just not show up, can I? I love my friends. Where would I be without them? As a side effect, spending this much time with people one-on-one has led to much stronger relationships. My grades have dropped this semester; my schoolwork is no longer perfect. I am not really doing badly in classesI am just not doing as well as before. But I am also so happy, though prioritizing my happiness often makes me uncomfortable. Heres what my best friend, Jenn, said about this at one particularly desperate point: . She puts it so well. Where would I be without Jenn? SZA/Solange Spending time with books means spending time with music. My playlist for the month includes some sad songs at the periphery of RB. It sounds almost like a breakup playlist, which is apt because November has indeed been a breakup with good weather and good grades. None of these songs have anything to do with MIT; theyre just to set a mood. Listen if youd like. playlist My mother keeps texting me emojis. I cant wait to see her. gratitude Every Thanksgiving, I go through the motions of expressing gratitude for my friends and family, but this year, I think I finally understand what it really means to be thankful. I apologize if that sounds cheesy or ungrateful or plain dumbI just feel more than ever as though I am being propped up by the people around me in some tangible way. I finally opened my life up to tumult, and I realized, over and over, that I could rely on my friends and family to help me when I struggled. Im thankful for them. I am also thankful for this blog. Thank you if you have sent me emails. Thank you if you havent but are still here reading. Thank you, world, for being so good to me these past few months. :) 1 I always pledge my allegiance to the northeast U.S., but I wonder if the chapped skin and the static electricity and low spirits of winter are really worth the quaintness and the pace of life and all the other enjoyable aspects of life here. 2 The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb 3 If Not, Wintertranslated by Anne Carson, who writes some delicious poetry herself, if youre into that kind of thing. As for Sapphoonly fragments of her work survive. Whats most impressive to me is that her poetry remains poignant and intense even when half the words have been lost to the elements, even without musical accompaniment from the lyre.

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Fracking A Natural Source Of Clean Energy Essay

Hydraulic fracturing is a technique in which a liquid is injected under high pressure into a well in order to create tiny fissures in the rocks that lie deep beneath the earth; The rocks then allows gas and oil to flow into the well. In fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, drillers inject water, chemicals, sand, or gravel, deep underground to crack open shale rock that can contain huge deposits of oil and gas. Combined with another technique known as horizontal drilling, which is exactly what it sounds like. Fracking is often used as an overall term to describe the whole process of shale energy development, vertical and horizontal drilling, the fracturing process, and the extraction of the oil and gas. Fracking is a controversial debated, both environmental and political issues. Advocates say it is a safe and economical source of clean energy but many critics claim fracking can destroy drinking water supplies, pollute the air, and add to the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. The fracking process starts with a well that is drilled vertically or at an angle from the surface to a depth of 1 to 2 miles, maybe more, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The vertical well is then encased in steel and/or cement to ensure the well doesn t run the risk of leaking into any groundwater. Once the vertical well reaches the deep layer of rock where natural gas or oil exists, the well curves about 90 degrees and begins drilling horizontally along thatShow MoreRelatedFracking And Its Effects On The Economy1589 Words   |  7 PagesThe fracking industry in its entirety, although surrounded by a shroud of controversy, is an economic stimulator that many do not acknowledge. The potential replacement of coal for efficient and clean energy would not be possible if it weren’t for the utilization of hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, and horizontal drilling. To consider fracking as only a danger to the environment would be an overstatement while saying fracking only provides natural gas and nothing else is an understatementRead MoreThe, A Documentary By Josh Fox1296 Words   |  6 Pagesclose proximity to a hydrofracking facility. Throughout the film, Fox travels around the country and meets with families that have been negatively impacted by fracking companies moving into their communities. Due to the amount of pollution that hydrofracking can cause, many of the families that Fox meets with no longer have the luxury of clean water supplied through their faucets. GasLand really opened up my eyes to the dangers of hydrofracking, and the negative externalities that consumers have toRead MoreFracking : How It Affects The Environment?1124 Words   |  5 PagesFracking: How It Affects The Environment? Concerns with the environment have recently been front and center in the United States. Especially with the pending presidential election, many environmental issues are at the forefront of countless conversations. There is a consensus between parties that domestic energy production must continue to increase, but there are conflicting opinions as to where that energy production should come from. Should we use non-renewable resources or invest in new andRead MoreEssay Hydraulic Fracturing Must be Reformed1457 Words   |  6 Pagesproduction across the nation, in light of new technology making extracting natural gas much easier. A Healthy alternative to the fossil fuels we so frivolously use is now more critical than ever. In 2011, the United States used 18.83 million barrels of raw oil daily, and in 2010 19.18 million barrels of petroleum products and biofuels. In 2010 and 2011, that was nearly 22% of the world’s oil supply. (U.S Department of Energy) Previously inaccessible areas in the Marcellus Shale region of the UnitedRead MoreFracking : A Modern Technique1680 Words   |  7 PagesFracking is a modern technique to explore natural gas through a controversial procedure. The controversy about scientific evidence for the impact of fracking has raged unabated for over a decade. It has now become one of the most popular debates between the supporters of Greenpeace or environmentalists and the energy companies. Now it’s a centrepiece of discussion in the context of the energy solution and considered as a really important source of energy by last few decades. Recent developments inRead MoreThe Effects Of Climate Change On Fossil Fuels1431 Words   |  6 Pagesfossil fuels.† (Google Dictionary). Due to our dependence on fossil fuels as our main source for energy and our carbon dioxide emissions over decades, climate change has rapidly emerged on Earth. Yet, we still have those who deny any scientific evidence of the eff ect of the dependence on fossil fuels. Climate change is a threat one should not ignore but want to reverse with the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. An issue, which one should consider frightening today and for the future, is climateRead MoreOil Production Through Horizontal Fracking1030 Words   |  5 Pagestaken to limit excess water use. Oil production through horizontal fracking requires large amounts of purified water. Each well drilled requires between 3 and 7 million gallons of clean water. In 2012 alone, 482 new wells were drilled in New Mexico, producing more than 3 billion gallons of water waste. Under current regulations, wastewater must be cleaned or disposed of and cannot be reused. Fracking water is difficult to clean, leading many companies to dispose of much of the water deep undergroundRead MoreFracking And The Environment : Fracking983 Words   |  4 PagesTayler Hedgecock Dr. Allen Composition 2 MWF 11 AM Fracking and the Environment Hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, is not an environmentally sound method of acquiring cleaner, cheaper energy. Fracking is a practice that is being used in order to collect natural gas from deep within the earth’s layers of shale rock. Fracking is the process in which water, sand, and chemicals are forced with immense pressure, approximately ten to fifteen thousand pounds per square inch, into the shale rockRead MoreHydraulic Fracturing And Its Effects On The Environment1087 Words   |  5 PagesMay 2015 Hydraulic Fracturing â€Å"Our country will have drilled and fracked our way down a blind alley for a short lived energy boom† (qtd. In †¦). Hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, is the process of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gases inside. Many people are referring to fracking as an energy revolution that will last America at least 100 years. What they don’t know is that at the rate we are going, it wontRead MoreFracking Essay1393 Words   |  6 PagesThe Result of Fracking on the Natural Gas Industry Introduction Hydraulic fracturing otherwise known as fracking has flooded the market with cheap and reliable natural gas to the exportation and power production markets all while being limited by logistics. Emspak, J. (2014, August 12) shows that natural gas production by fracking has expanded gas production by 32 times the amount in 2008. This lowered the cost 40% over that span of time. The demand for clean cost efficient power production shifted

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Database Records and Relational Data Worksheet - 1004 Words

University of Phoenix Material Database Records and Relational Data Worksheet Complete Parts A and B of this worksheet. Cite your sources. Part A: Database Records l Answer the following patient information questions using the table provided. Refer to figure 4-10 on p. 83 of Health Information Technology and Management for assistance. 1. What patient resides in California? What is the patient number? The patient that resides in California Sofia Yakaria Pallares. Her patient number is 10259. Gartee, R. (2011). 2. Who is the provider of Sofia Yakaria Pallares? What credentials does her provider have? Ruth Ann Raymond is Sofia’s provider and Ruth Ann Raymond has her MD license. Gartee, R. (2011). 3. What†¦show more content†¦Be clear and concise, use complete sentences, and explain your answers using specific examples. Cite your sources. 1. What are the main components of a database? One of the main components of a database is characters. Characters are letters, numbers and punctuation marks. You are using characters when you are typing a sentence for example. Another main component would be fields. Fields separate data in defined fields. When data is being entered even if you don’t have an answer for all fields a space is still left but it would be blank. If you have ever seen an excel spreadsheet that would give you an idea of how data is lined out into different fields. Records are a main database component as well. Records are a group of fields that are about one thing. An example would be social security numbers in a database of patients. Each patient would have a social security number and each social security number is in a field. That field would have the same information which is that patients social security number even though every ones is different and there would be many listed depending on how many patients was in the database. Gartee, R. (2011). 2. Based on Part A of this assignment, explain how relational data is used? Relational data is when you can put data in a computer one time and it growsShow MoreRelatedTypes Of Database For Flat File Database939 Words   |  4 PagesTypes of Database 1. Flat File Database A flat file database is an excellent way of storing a pretty small amount of records. Flat file can be a plain text file. Flat file are generally not a structural relationships between the records. For example a spread sheet application such as Excel can be used as a flat file database. Each row in a worksheet can be a record and each column and a field. Flat file database can also be stored in a dedicated database application such as Access. Installing databaseRead MoreIt Upgrade Proposal999 Words   |  4 Pagesclearly has the capability of being a powerful database but with two key limitations. The Excel Databases Reporting (2013) relays that the first concern with Excel has to do with the networking access. Meaning, only one team-member can access the database at a time. This becomes frustrating when other departments need to add information or provide updates and find that other members are in the system. The second concern has to deal with amount of data stored. Each sheet in Excel is limited toRead MoreApplication of Ict on Accounting4286 Words   |  18 PagesApplications of ICT in Accounting. Accounting records have been maintained only on a manual basis for a period now. The bookkeeper or the owner is required to fill a paper source document for each sale or receipt, and then work overtime writing the transactions of the day or week in special journals, stock cards, and debtor and creditor records. This obviously took some time, time that would otherwise have been spent operating the business. The business also pays extra money to account officersRead MoreCloud Database : A Shift Toward New Paradigm4763 Words   |  20 Pages Cloud Databases : A shift towards new paradigm. ABSTRACT .In this paper, we analyze the design choices that allowed modern scalable data management systems to achieve orders of magnitude higher levels of scalability compared to traditional databases. The challenge of building consistent, available, and scalable data management systems capable of serving petabytes of data for millions of users has confronted the data management research community as well as large internet enterprises.Read MoreAnalyze Hr System – Final4540 Words   |  19 Pagesincremental system deployment. Project Planning The scope of Riordan Manufacturing’s new HR system will include maintaining employee personnel records from the current system and integrating the various human resource related Microsoft Excel worksheets managed by department managers and various other company personnel. Consolidating the separate worksheets and tools into a common HR system Analyze HR System 3 that also manages employee information is the ultimate goal of the imposed improvementsRead MoreCOMPUTERS EXAM BANK 18589 Words   |  35 Pagesstatement or answers the question. ____ 1. A computer is a device that ____. a. accepts data b. stores data c. produces output d. All of the above ____ 2. ____ is an area of a computer that temporarily holds data that is waiting to be processed, stored, or output. a. Memory b. Storage c. Input d. Output ____ 3. A computer ____ is two or more computers or other devices that are connected for the purpose of sharing data and programs. a. Panel b. PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) c. Matrix ____Read MoreSports Day Database System9470 Words   |  38 Pagesthere are a lot of data needed. For example, the personal data of students, data about the events (time, place and venue) and teachers’ job etc. All these data need to be managed first in order the process of the Sports day can be done smoothly. It was a hard task to facilitate data management in manual as the amount of data needed to be managed is huge. In the past, the holders of the sports day system usually faced the following problems: - Making name list Personal data need to be dividedRead MoreSports Day Database System9486 Words   |  38 Pagesthere are a lot of data needed. For example, the personal data of students, data about the events (time, place and venue) and teachers’ job etc. All these data need to be managed first in order the process of the Sports day can be done smoothly. It was a hard task to facilitate data management in manual as the amount of data needed to be managed is huge. In the past, the holders of the sports day system usually faced the following problems: - Making name list Personal data need to be dividedRead MoreMs Excel88443 Words   |  354 PagesThe McGraw-Hill Companies. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. Except as permitted under the Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of publisher, with the exception that the program listings may be entered, stored, and executed in a computer system, but they may not be reproduced for publication. 1234567890 FGR FGR 019876543Read MoreSales and Inventory System for Avon Imus11657 Words   |  47 Pages All these require manpower which may mean a slash on the cash budget and the possible outpour of workload. The proponents have come up with a proposed study to develop their existing manual system through computerization, design, create a link database system in their inventory functions to easily process their transaction and avoid the common problems that they encounter. This system is effective and efficient for it will alert them to any stock-out, overstock and missing items. Inventory clerks

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Reading and Writing Development Free Essays

Reading and Writing Development Tyesha Woods March 10, 2013 ADE/202 Susan Clark The two age groups that I have chosen are early childhood and middle childhood. Early childhood ranges from two to six years of age and middle childhood ranges from six to ten years of age. In the beginning stages of early childhood the child would not be reading or writing just yet. We will write a custom essay sample on Reading and Writing Development or any similar topic only for you Order Now But they would be starting to learn how to read and to write. They should be learning how to recognize letters and how to put them together to form words. At the end of this stage the child should be able to read and write, or they should be at the beginning stages of reading and writing. The beginning stages of middle childhood the child should be at the beginning stages of reading and writing. By the end of the middle childhood the child’s reading and writing skills should be more advance. They should be able to read at a higher level. They should be able to take spelling words and look them up in the dictionary, write out the words, and make the words into sentences. For the children in early child the material that I would use would be handouts. The handouts will have the letters for the kids to trace. Then they would a beginners reading book. They would have to read the book and they would have to write about what they read. Another thing that I would do, is give the children an assignment where they had to match up the word with the picture. For example if the handout had pictures of a dog, cat, kite and cow the child would have to match the word with the picture. That should help with the reading aspect. For the writing I would have the child write the words out two times each. The material that I would use for the children in middle childhood is vocabulary and reading. I would give spelling words and assign to read a book. As far as the spelling words the first thing that I would do is have the students write out the words five times each so that they can get know the words. The second thing that I would do is, have the children look up the words in the dictionary. Another thing that I would do is having the students make sentences out of the words that I have given them. The finale thing that I would do is to give the students a spelling test. Now for the reading I would assign the children a book to read and the students, would have to read a few pages at a time. By the end of the week the student should finished the book, and as a weekend assignment they would have to write a small book report. The book report would have to tell what they read. I would also ask the children to write down the words that they did not understand. So, that I could take the words and turn them into spelling words. I would do this so that children would have a better understanding of the words that the children did not understand. I feel that these methods will help the children to improve their reading and writing skills. For both groups I would ask the parents to get involved with the children’s schoolwork. I would ask the parents to make sure that the kids do the work when the children are home. I will give the children work packets to take home so that they can keep practicing their work. The work that I would give would be done when the kids have spring break or on the weekend. I would do this so that the kids will not forget what they have learned in school. I would not give so much work that it would take away from the kids time off, but just enough to keep them sharp when it comes to their school work. I would recommend that the parents do the work with the children for two hours out of the day. The parents and the teachers need to work together. That is why I keep saying that the parents can help the child; the teachers can help the child while they are at school. The parents help at home by making sure that the child does the schoolwork and the teacher will check to make sure that the child did the work. If the parents and the teachers work together they can both help the child to strengthen their reading and writing skills. References Teresa M. McDevitt and Jeanne Ellis Ormrod. (2004). Child Development: Educating and Working with Children and Adolescents. Retrieved from Teresa M. McDevitt and Jeanne Ellis Ormrod, ADE202 website. How to cite Reading and Writing Development, Papers

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Foundations of Corporate Social Responsibility †MyAssignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about the Foundations of Corporate Social Responsibility. Answer: Introduction The following report is based on the analysis of the Corporate Social Responsibilities of an organization. The researcher has highlighted the CSR practices of the business organizations and examined the relations that exist between the legal guidelines of the country. The article that has been selected for analysis has drawn up the conclusions from a large number of databases which includes sample studies from 23,000 companies of 114 different countries in the globe (Liang and Renneboog 2017). Apart from highlighting the common issues of the article the researcher has also described the main methodology that has been used to complete the research that is being analyzed as well as pointed out the different results that the article has concluded. The gaps in the literature have also been identified to increase the scope of the research. The following article has dealt with Corporate Social Responsibilities and the approach taken by different companies in different countries depending upon the laws and regulations in each of those countries. However there are some problems in implementing the CSR programs in different countries as in some countries the laws to implement them are tougher while in the others the laws to regulate such are not so tough in nature. The authors have also found out that the management of most of the companies lacks the intent to implement the CSR activities. They take the advantage of the lower ratings of CSR in most of the countries. Thus the most common issue identified by the following authors is the lower level of CSR activities implemented by the companies in the common law countries whereas the opposite happens in the countries with Scandinavian law countries (Liang and Renneboog 2017). The following issues are of great importance as because CSR is one of the most important considerations of the global industrial front. It is one of the most important task of the companies to undertake CSR activities as a part of their operations in different countries. However the research has shown that most of the organizations take advantage of the slack regulations and laws of the country and hardly undertakes CSR activities. Thus such operations can invite different complex situations. The authors of the particular text have described the findings to be of two fold in nature (Cheng Ioannou and Serafeim 2014). If the activities are considered at the Macro level then the role of legal origin in driving the finance and the other economic outcomes comes into question however the Macro level does not support the following and describes CSR to be the welfare mechanism for the shareholders of the organizations. Thus CSR is considered to be a blend of both rules and the choice of the organizations in implementing them in the organizational framework. The methodology is considered to be the most precious part in the conduction of a research. A proper and effective methodology selection can help the research to be successful in nature. The researchers have used the post positivism research method to deduce the results as it involves a scientific approach to render the conclusions. On the other hand the researchers used the deductive approach to find the philosophy of the research. The use of the deductive philosophy helped the researchers to address the specific needs of the research. The information regarding the CSR activities of the companies in the different countries was evaluated both by using primary as well as secondary data. The primary data was obtained by the conduction of a survey whereas the secondary data was obtained from earlier researches on CSR and the journals and articles of different companies. The primary as well as the secondary data was useful to deduce the results of the research. The researchers have visualized the distribution of the sustainable development channels in different industries all around the globe by using the adjusted Vigeo sustainable country ratings. The ratings are scaled according to eight different types that represent the degree of sustainable development. This includes different types of developmental categories like environmental responsibility, social responsibility and institutional responsibility of the country where the company operates (Littell and Doh 2015). The dark color in the ratings category indicates a high sustainability of the business while a fair color may indicate a less sustainability of the business. The effective methodology used by the researchers helped them to get a clear picture of the CSR activities in different parts of the world (Liang and Renneboog 2017). The Scandinavian and European countries like France and Germany generally have a strict regulation and thus the companies operating there have to maintain t he CSR rules to stay sustainable. As mentioned earlier it is just the opposite in most of the other countries having not so strict regulations. The findings of the research are directly related to the results. As mentioned in the results section there is a huge gap in the laws and regulations of most of the European countries with the other countries of the world. These countries follow strict regimes and adhere to different policies which make it a must for the companies to implement CSR policies that are beneficial for the employees and the society. On the other hand these same companies may or may not follow the CSR rules when they operate in other countries with least rules and regulations. It is up to the management of the company to implement CSR activities which may be beneficial for the society. The case of Milk Scandal in China has been illustrated by the researchers to highlight the negligence of most of the organizations in adhering to different CSR policies (Clapp and Rowlands 2014). The researchers have also used other example like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the Indian Ocean Earthquake as an example of such a crisis. Thus this shows that absence of a proper CSR strategy can cause serious damage to the countries where a firm operates. Applicability of the Results As mentioned in the earlier section, the absence of substantial CSR initiative can cause serious damage to the reputation of the business as well as cause problems to the operations of the business. The results thus indicate that a shift from the traditional mentality is needed by the management of the organizations to attain success in the business. Therefore the business organizations operating in countries with low level of CSR regulations must make it a point to implement proper CSR activities (Carroll 2015). The implementation of proper and effective CSR policies will help the organization to avoid complex situations like the mentioned examples of the following research in the future. The results of the following research can be and must be implemented by the organizations to achieve sustainability and limit the possibility of any damage. The applicability of the results can also help them to earn brand reputation as CSR activities are aimed towards the development of the societ ies as a whole. The research has been conducted in a proper and efficient manner with utmost accuracy to most of the details. However there are still some issues and concerns that the researchers have failed to identify in the work . Though most of the Asian countries have a low level of CSR regulations, there are certain trade regulations and other tax related policies that the companies have to face while starting or operating their business in these countries. Therefore these companies face a tough time while doing business and thus it is hard for them to implement the CSR policies after ensuring the completion of all the other criteria. The researchers have also failed to identify the specific cause of the absence of the regulations in most of the developing countries and how to bring at par with that of the legally developed countries. Conclusion The researchers have presented a well constructed report on the issues that are related to the CSR policies of the organization. The use of the deductive approach to come to the conclusion of the research has been useful to find out the exact results of CSR activities in different legal countries of the organization. The researchers have been able to identify the important issues related with the topic of the following research and are also successful in determining the importance of such issues. The researcher has also analyzed the results of the research and has identified the applicability of the research in the different business organizations. The thorough analysis of the research will help the readers to get an idea of CSR related activities and its importance in operating a smooth business operation. References Bhattacharya, C.B., Korschun, D., Sen, S. and Routledge, H., 2017. Corporate social responsibility.Journal of International Law,26(2). Carroll, A.B., 2015. Corporate social responsibility.Organizational dynamics,44(2), pp.87-96. Cheng, B., Ioannou, I. and Serafeim, G., 2014. 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